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Autosport: Seinvlaggen ( F1, F3000, ... )
Motor Racing: Signalflags ( F1, F3000, ... ) 

De eindstreep. Einde wedstrijd. The End of Race signal is given by waving the checkered flag at the cars on the finishing line.
Gevaar op de baan. This flag is to indicate danger or a situation of danger, therefore drivers should slow down, prepare to stop. Drivers need to keep their positions and not overtake until green flag is displayed.
Baan is weer vrij na gevaar op de baan. Indicates All Clear. Usually used at the end of a danger area controlled by yellow flags.
Glibberige baan. Slipgevaar. Indicates deterioration of adhesion. This tells the drivers that the grip on the track surface suddenly deteriorated in the area after the flag. Some causes for this flag to be displayed is when oil has been dropped on the track, a pool of water is causinghydro-planning or when there is a change from dry to slippery surfaces.
De wedstrijd of training is afgebroken. Rij langzaam terug naar de pitsstraat. This flag indicates that the race has been stopped by the clerk of the course. The flag is displayed motionless, and all drivers must stop racing and immediately proceed to the pits.
Laat snellere concurrent passeren. Indicates the Overtaking Signal. Waved, it informs the driver that he is going to be overtaken by one or more faster cars. Displayed motionless, means that the faster car is still some distance away.
Veiligheidswagen of ander langzaam voertuig op de baan. Indicates to the drivers that a slow-moving vehicle is on the track. This tells the drivers that they are about to overtake a vehicle that is travelling much slower then themselves.
Waarschuwing voor onsportief gedrag. This flag is a warning to a driver for unsportsmanlike behaviour. It is displayed motionless along with a white number on a blackboard to indicate a driver.
Mechanische problemen vormen gevaar voor andere wagens. Rij naar de pitsstraat na de volgende ronde. This flag informs the driver that his car has mechanical problems, likely to endanger himself or others. The driver must stop at his pit on next lap.It is shown with a white number on a blackboard to indicate a driver.
De coureur die deze vlag ziet, moet na de volgende ronde stoppen. This flag informs a driver that he must stop at his pits on the next lap. It is displayed motionless, together with a white number on a blackboard to indicate a driver.

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